Frequently Asked Questions

I'm often asked questions about my favorite materials and my creative process, etc., so I've decided to answer a few here! I'll continue adding on as needed, so feel free to message me any questions you may have.

What pens do you use?

Coming soon.

What surfaces do you create on?

My favorite things to draw on are bristol board, mixed media paper, and cradled wood panels. I've drawn on a number of surfaces (styrene, glass, plastic, canvas) but I always come back to these three. 

My bristol board of choice is Strathmore's Smooth Bristol Board in either 11x14" or 9x12" (this size has the benefit of fitting perfectly on my high resolution scanner). I love how pigmented the ink looks against the smooth, bright surface. 

If you want something a little more lightweight, Canson XL Mixed Media sketchbooks are also a go-to for me. Their sturdy cover is durable enough to survive being lugged around in a bag on a regular basis without compromising your drawings. I've even packed these in my luggage with not even a wrinkle! The paper is substantial and at a really reasonable price point. 


Did you go to art school?