I've been wanting to do a complete overhaul of my website and blog for a while now. Not just from a design standpoint, but to provide an experience and content that reflect my work and the things that influence me. I always appreciate these things when I peruse the spaces of artists I love.

Up until a recent myriad of ailments involving my "good" elbow, I hadn't stopped working long enough to really reflect on what I wanted, let alone actually take the plunge to gut my entire site. In a strange way, I'm almost grateful that I was forced to take this time off. Anyone who knows me can attest that I can get lost in creative wormholes for weeks at a time

I am brimming with ideas and finally feel like I have a place that is perfect to share them. I'm hoping to be back to drawing really soon. Thank you to all of you who read my ramblings and make what I do even more fulfilling. More very soon!