T-Minus 48 hours.


How is it February 11th already? I feel like I just posted about Bucketfeet's 'Made to Stand Out' contest yesterday!

It's crunchtime and down to the last couple days of voting. I'm absolutely FLOORED at the outpouring of support I've received from friends, family, fans of my work, total strangers, and even my fellow finalists! (I'm looking at you, Ashley!) I've managed to stay in the top ten for the entire competition so far, and am currently in 6th at a little over 1k votes.

If you're a fan of my work, I would be so grateful if you would continue voting for me today and tomorrow. The top ten will move on to round two of the competition, then things will get really fierce as the final three are chosen to attend SCOPE NYC!


You can vote for your favorite three pairs once a day here. As a bonus, each day you vote counts as an entry for a chance to win a FREE pair of Bucketfeet shoes! Remember, the contest ends tomorrow at midnight!

Regardless of what happens, it was an honor to be chosen as one of fifty finalists from around the world by the great people at Bucketfeet shoes.

I'll be crossing my fingers until Wednesday!